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The Limited Playlist: A Sensitivity to Music & Using Music In Healing

We can all probably think of some songs that bring up strong emotions or memories. Did you know one sign of trauma that effects some people on a deep level is sensitivity to music? And sometimes even an avoidance of it? That was me. I had a short playlist of songs that were “safe”me to…

Do you find yourself inconsistent or resistant to meditation?

There is a saying that meditation is good in the beginning, good in the middle, and good in the end. This is true, but it also includes resistance in the beginning, resistance later on, and resistance even later on. Although, the benefits do get better and it does get easier with practice, resistance can pop…

Healing Anxiety: An Early Break in the Mother/Child Bond

Healing Anxiety in Business: An Early Break in the Mother/Child Bond Do you have traumatic events in your childhood, teenage years, a past life or family history that have been undealt with? We may think that time heals all wounds, but unprocessed emotions will pop up in sometimes sneaky ways and it hard to know where…


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Deann Rae Jensen, Inner Work Coach

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Hi, I’m Deann. I have a background in education and mental health counseling. I became a coach in 2018. I live in AZ with my forever boyfriend and fur babies. This blog is for my passion to empower others on their self-healing and empowerment journeys.

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