Kid’s Coaching

Helping kids with self confidence & emotional regulation.

Would you like your child to be able to regulate their emotions easier or talk about their feelings?

Is your child sensitive? Do they have a hard time dealing with teasing or making friends?

Would you like to see your child develope leadership skills, self-awareness, more happiness, confidence, and social emotional skills?

My coaching focusing supporting children by giving them a safe place to talk about their struggles, teaching social emotional skills, and providing support for children ages 12-17 and their families.
As a school teacher, an inner work coach, and someone who struggled as a child myself, I understand the importance of social emotional skills for children.

Some of the things we will do together…

– Sharing Feelings, Emotional Regulation & Being Happy

– Developing a Growth Mindset

– Social Skills & Building Positive Relationships

– Gaining Confidence & Self-Esteem

– Developing Leadership & Self-Awareness

– Mindfulness Skills

What’s Included…

– Weekly or biweekly meetings with your child ($75 a session)

– Monthly parent meetings or phone call

– M-F Messenger and E-Mail access for feedback and support

Next Steps

Reach out to me at for more information or to step up a free discovery call.

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