Journey to the Self Coaching Program

Would you like to feel supported while you go on your self-healing and empowerment journey?

Find your way from fear, stress, anxiety, and self-doubt to having more ease, confidence, and empowerment.

  • Do you experience anxiety that stops you from doing activities you enjoy or everyday tasks like going to the grocery store?
  • Are you avoiding connection with others, meeting new people, and social situations because they are just too uncomfortable?
  • Are you always putting others first and taking care of others before yourself?
  • Do you become easily irritated or difficulty controlling your anger and emotions, even with your loved ones?
  • Are you getting stuck in non-action towards your goals, avoiding the things you know you should be doing, maybe you’re staying in bed all day, watching Netflix, or keeping busy instead of taking action?
  • Is your inner critic so loud it makes you believe there is something wrong with you, that you are broken, or can’t do anything right?

Stress, trauma, and emotional wounds can cause you to not feel safe in the world or in your own body. This can cause a sensitivity to everyday stresses and disconnect from hearing your own inner truth, voice, and guidance.

Emotional rollercoasters, outbursts that you later regret, difficulty making sense of, regulating, or processing your emotions.

Sleepless nights where you are up tossing and turning, going through all the scenarios in your head and wondering why life is so hard for you.

Health problems such as high blood pressure, chronic illness, or GI problems that are impacted by both physical and emotional wellness.

Beautiful Soul, you are the portal to your own healing. You have an inner voice, connected to Spirit and your highest good, that knows the way. It just may be hard to hear over the conditioning and emotional wounds.

The journey within is the most powerful journey you can take.

What if you could…
  • Transform the inner critic and quiet the noise from emotional wounds?
  • Gain control and the ability to regulate your emotions?
  • Handle stress and life challenges with more ease?
  • Find sovereignty in your own body?
  • Gain inner peace and confidence in yourself, your value, and your worth?
  • Build a conscious relationship with yourself where you can build deep love for and trust in yourself to set up and create the life you want?
  • Nurture your mind, body, soul, and spirit?
  • Have space held for you and guidance on your self-healing journey?
  • Feel restored, renewed, back to yourself, but even more connected and in love with yourself?

Consistently hitting your goals.

Getting that promotion or building your business.

Writing your book or sharing your story to help others.

Attracting your dream partner or improving your current relationships.

Feeling great in your body and truly loving yourself.

Embodying your highest self.

Feeling fully supported by yourself and the universe.

You’ve tried looking for the next magic solution, the next guru, searching for answers outside yourself. It’s time to go within and take control of your own health and wellbeing!

What’s Included:
Coaching Support

Receive bi-weekly 60- minute coaching calls on Zoom and Voxer messenger coaching in-between calls.

8 Weekly Modules

Each week you will receive a workbook module.

Meditations and Hypnosis

Receive a recorded audio meditation each week and two hypnotherapy sessions spread throughout the program.

Weekly Modules Include:
  • Week 1- Coming Home to Yourself: Self-love and self-compassion, resetting and calming the nervous system, and thriving in times of distress and uncertainty.
  • Week 2- Nurturing Your Soul: Nurturing your soul, following what lights you up, inquiring with what your soul is needing, and loving all of you.
  • Week 3- Deconditioning: Reconditioning unhelpful beliefs, thoughts, and behavior patterns.
  • Week 4- Building Conscious Relationships with Yourself and Others: Navigating and transforming your relationships while on a self-healing journey.
  • Week 5- Heal: Healing emotional wounds from the roots.
  • Week 6- Coming Home to Your Body: Connecting with your body, its needs, and loving your body.
  • Week 7- Inner Guidance and Intuition: Connecting deeper with your unique inner guidance and intuition and building trust in yourself.
  • Week 8- Continuing the Journey: Continuing an active healing journey and building your relationship with yourself.

Hi! Meet Your Coach, Deann Rae Jensen

I live in Phoenix, AZ with my boyfriend and our fur babies. I love nature, animals, and value spirituality and relationships with others. I enjoy hiking, reading, writing, painting, and making jewelry.

I have been on my own active healing journey since 2007. I have been helping others overcome their inner blocks to step into their power to flourish through deep inner work and self-healing since 2018.

I have a background in educational psychology and clinical mental health counseling. I am a certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and Meditation Teacher.

If you out there right now, struggling. Please know that you are not alone and that there is a better way. If you are here, you desire change, and I am here to walk along and coach you in that journey.

Love Your Coach,


This is right for you if…
  • You believe in your ability to heal yourself, but need the tools, processes, and guidance to go on that journey.
  • You have health problems or a chronic illness that you know is affected not just by your physical health, but your emotional wellbeing.
  • You keep trying to change your patterns and habits but keep going back to the same things and you are ready to break the cycle.
  • You feel like you lost part of yourself after emotional wounding.
  • You value a holistic approach to healing that incorporates the mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Healing is possible for you too. Journey to the Self is not a one size fits all program. You will be working with your unique energy and situations. This is a personalized program. You will gain the tools, processes, and guidance to continue a lifetime of self-healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost? Do you offer payment plans? Journey to the Self 8-Week coaching program is $647, you can pay in full or get on a monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly payment plan.

How much time do I need to complete the modules? I recommend planning for about an hour a week for the modules and meditations and an hour and a half for the two weeks with hypnosis sessions. It may vary depending on how much time you have and how much time you want to spend on the modules. You may want to spend more time on some weeks than others. Most of the work can be implemented in your daily life and many of the tools and processes you will learn you will be able to save and go back to and repeat when you need them.

What if I need to take a break or leave the program? I understand that life happens, and that healing work can sometimes need more integration time. If you need to take a break, all I ask is that you keep open communication with me. If you need to leave the program, I also understand. There is no contract that you must complete the program, however, no refunds will be given for funds already paid.

Are you ready to go on a self-healing journey to find peace and confidence within yourself?

A portal to your mind, body, soul, and spirit.

It’s time to come home to yourself.

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