Because what you need is inside YOU

Meet Mia.

Mia is suffering from childhood trauma, negative self-talk, toxic relationships, burnout, social anxiety & post-natal depression.

But how did she end up here?


“Mia! You’re such a spoiled little brat! I have an important presentation tomorrow and look at this mess you’ve created in my room”

“Go play somewhere else and don’t show me your face again”

*Runs away sobbing*

“Look at what you’ve done… you’ve made Daddy mad. And because of you, he will now punish Mommy”

*5-year-old Mia starts to cry harder*

“Oh please! Now stop crying for attention”

“If you love Mommy, go apologize to him… ughh! why do you always have to make my life so much harder?”


“Hey, baby! We’re having some guests over today. And you gotta be extra nice and super polite to everyone… Oh yeah! Uncle John will also be there”

“But I don’t like him, Mama. He touches me in a bad way,” said 8-year-old Mia.

“Oh, it’s just all in your head. Besides daddy will get super mad at me if you won’t behave. I know you love your mama so be a good girl okay?”

“Make sure everyone loves you tonight it’s an important dinner for your Dad”


“Can I come in sis? Don’t panic but I broke mom’s favorite vase and she’ll kill me if she finds out…”

“But just like always I’m hoping you’ll take the blame for me, right? Thanks for saving me and being the best sister ever”

“Love ya!”


“Hey, babe! I definitely think it’s time that we both move in together so I went and looked at apartments today with this friend of mine…”

“Umm… but I don’t feel fully ready to take the next step yet… Besides, I really want you to stop controling my life without consulting me first” 

“Last month you literally replaced half my wardrobe with the clothes of your choice and now this,” says Mia

“I can’t believe how selfish you are Mia! I do EVERYTHING for you and now you’re blaming me for it!”


“Mama, can you please come and play with me outside?”

“Not now my angel… Mama’s very tired and needs a long relaxing bath. Can we play later?,” says Mia after returning back from a long day of work

*cue in the negative self-talk*

“Am I a bad mom for denying to play with my daughter? She’s just 4 and needs to have fun right?”

“I can’t act so selfish with my own kid… Ughh! Am I slowly turning into my mother?”

If you’re wondering who’s Mia and why I am telling her story?

Here’s my answer…

Mia is YOU

Yes, I hate to break it to you but if you’re reading this, chances are that you have some or more of Mia inside you


You are Mia if…

  • As a kid, you FELT UNSAFE in your family because your parents went through rage cycles, addiction, silent treatment, shaming, or just unpredictable behavior – and you were taught that you’re responsible for their feelings.
  • You were taught that no matter how unsafe you feel, you should OVERRIDE YOUR INTUITION and ignore it.
  • You were made to believe that the goal of social interaction is to get people to like you… that your entire self-worth is found through the VALIDATION OF OTHERS
  • You were made to believe that the only way to feel important, loved, and needed is by ‘SAVING’ THE PEOPLE you love and fixing THEIR problems. 
  • You’ve been taught never to voice your opinion especially if it’s disagreeing with others because setting a boundary and SAYING ‘NO’ WOULD HURT the people you love 
  • You were manipulated and shamed by your friends and family who PROJECTED their own INSECURITIES onto you.
  • You’ve been called ‘needy’ & ‘dramatic’ and felt UNWORTHY, UNRECIPROCATED and extremely SUFFOCATED in your romantic relationships 
  • You’re unable to sit still and take a rest. You always FEEL GUILTY doing the things you love because you were called ‘SELFISH’ for speaking up for yourself in the past.

Are you furiously nodding your head and wondering how I know this?

Because as surprising as it may sound– YOU ARE 100% NOT ALONE!

I, along with so many of my clients have experienced these feelings and emotions on a smaller or larger scale of 1-10

And so I want to tell you that there’s NOTHING wrong with you. Not even 0.000001% okay?

But here’s the thing…

What if I told you, you could flip the script?

What if I told you…

  • You CAN reprogram your mind, so your thoughts, patterns, and habits can work in your favor instead of working AGAINST you.
  • You CAN gain FREEDOM from making yourself hostage to other people’s thoughts
  • You CAN stop being your worst critic and transform that negative self-talk into someone who SUPPORTS and guides you into inner peace and self-confidence
  • You CAN LOVE the rejected, denied, and disowned parts of yourself without suppressing your pain, avoiding your fears, or hiding your insecurities
  • You CAN nurture your mind, body, soul, and spirit so you can have a SAFE space and guidance on your self-healing journey
  • You CAN feel restored, renewed, and rejuvenated by becoming more in tune with your intuition and converting it into empowered decisions to navigate life with clarity and conviction.

But who the heck am I to talk about all this?

Hey ladies! It’s Deann…

From having to grow up with a schizophrenic father…

To going through countless trials after suffering from sexual abuse as a teenager and being diagnosed with ADHD, Anxiety & Depression…

To then ending up dealing with 2 failed marriages… I’ve seen it all.

I’ve hit the rock bottom and reemerged with my own SUPERPOWERS

The powers I gained through my own experiences of healing and growing from the most traumatic period of my life.

This is what helped me to flip my own life script and now I wanna transfer these superpowers to you.

So you better get excited!

The worst of Mental Health…

Imagine this…

The teenage Deann gets a call from her father in the middle of the night–

“Hello! Dad?”

“Umm… Hey! You don’t know me but I think your dad’s passed out on the sidewalk. Maybe you should come, pick him up”

Or this…

You and your sibling sleeping on the bed in the middle of the night and your dad comes home shouting “Get ready for school! You’re getting late… You’re getting late”

That’s right! 

To witness your dad go through severe schizophrenic episodes– driving off to nowhere in the middle of the night and then calling home trying to find his way back

Having hallucinations in striking daylight and forcibly making us do random things 

Seeing your mother being physically abused for no reason except because your father was unable to control his own negative thoughts 


And I decided then and there that I would never let myself go down that road.

Fast forward to today, I’ve not only taken control of my own steering wheel but have also taught so many of you how to drive

You know… driving through the ultimate journey called – LIFE

And not just through the smooth straight roads but also the tricky rough patches because you know what they say…

“Straight roads do not make skilful drivers” 

Nothing’s working for you and here’s WHY…

I know that you’ve tried countless healing meditations on Youtube™

I know you’ve bought infinite self-help books and listened to so many podcasts to find the answers

I also know that you’ve tried journaling, free therapy sessions and pretty much everything under the sun…


No matter how hard you try, you just can’t help but fall back into those same old self-deteriorating patterns of negative self-talk, self-sabotage, lying to your intuition and tolerating people’s unnecessary BS just because they ‘love’ you 

Here’s the catch…

The ‘FREE’ stuff on the internet is mostly based on ‘one-size-fits-all-techniques’ and that’s the thing…

YOUR Journey To The Self is going to be completely different from the journey of someone else and hence you need special personalized solutions where you’re having proper 1:1 guidance from someone who was once exactly in your shoes…

Someone who has experienced the same waves of emotions that you’re drowning in right now but is several steps ahead of you in life

You’re not a lost cause…

What if I told you there’s an easy way out of this? Something that gives you the confidence to believe that – Healing is possible for you too and that your life shouldn’t have to continue this way…

A transformational process that doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution and instead works with your unique energy and situations…

A 100% personalized solution where you will gain the tools, processes, and guidance to continue a lifetime of self-healing.

You’ve tried searching for answers outside yourself but now it’s TIME to go within…

So let’s begin!


To anchor, guide and support you through my knowledge, experience and self-developed tools while you embark on this beautiful journey of finding your highest, most authentic self (mind, body & soul) 

To help YOU(a sister, a daughter, a mother, a significant other) pick the vibrant colors for the canvas of your life and create the most breathtaking version of it to ever exist.  


The question of the hour is…


How can I guide and support you while you take on this life-changing journey of HEALING, GROWTH, and SUCCESS?

It’s time to spill the beans… (drumrolls please?)

Introducing to you…


My 8-week 1:1 LIVE coaching program that helps women like you who are feeling ANXIOUS and UNWORTHY because of lower self-esteem, negative self-talk and toxic relationships that lack boundaries — gain clarity, get unstuck, reclaim your power and reconcile with your most authentic self through LIVE coaching sessions, easily implementable weekly modules, meditations to nurture your inner child and Reiki & Hypnotherapy sessions to completely transform your way of thinking and living

“Because the journey within is the most powerful journey you can ever take”

~ Deann

Here’s a sneak peek of the ‘Journey to the Self’ program

  • Week 1- Coming Home to Yourself
    • Oftentimes the biggest thing that could be in your way is YOU yourself. In this module, you’ll learn how to practice Self-love and Self-compassion in their true essence (because trust me, they’re not what you think), learn to reset, calm the nervous system, and thrive in times of distress and uncertainty.
  • Week 2- Nurturing Your Soul
    • It’s less about everything that I can offer you and more about what your soul truly needs at the moment. In this module, I’ll walk you through tools to nurture your soul, following what lights you up, inquiring about what your soul needs the most, and learning to love ALL OF YOU.
  • Week 3- Unconditioning 
    • Years of wrong programming and false conditioning your mind has turned you into someone you’re most definitely not. In this module, I take you through the process of unconditioning your deep-rooted false beliefs, thoughts, and behavior patterns and reconditioning them to live a life filled with purpose & fulfilment.
  • Week 4- Building Conscious Relationships with Yourself and Others
    • Having conversations in a toxic relationship, particularly with someone you can’t just cut off from your life (a family member?) feels like picking a wound over and over again. In this module, I’m gonna teach you how to navigate and transform your relationships with healthy ‘feel-good’ boundaries whilst being on a self-healing journey
  • Week 5- Heal
    • Unhealed past traumas and emotional wounds could leave irreversible side effects on not just your own life but on the lives of generations to come. It’s a never-ending vicious cycle. In this module, I’m going to take you through a life-changing healing journey. Healing from any form of emotional and physical abuse, and past traumas to live a life of freedom
  • Week 6- Coming Home to Your Body
    • To truly feel a sense of belonging in this world, you must first be at peace with yourself – this includes being comfortable in your own body and learning to take up space. In this module, you’re going to go within, connect with your body, and its needs and learn to love & admire it just the way it is.
  • Week 7- Inner Guidance and Intuition
    • You Intuition never lies. In this module, I will help you to connect deeper with your unique inner guidance and intuition and build trust in yourself.
  • Week 8- Continuing the Journey
    • Woo hoo! It’s the last and final week of your journey to the self-program. Time to celebrate and keep working on parts of yourself that perhaps need a bit more love and care. In this module, I leave you with all the right tools, resources & wisdom to continue an active healing journey and advance in your life with utmost courage & conviction.

NOW, Close your eyes & Imagine…

How would it feel~

  • To embody your highest self?
  • To consistently hit your personal & professional goals?
  • To get that promotion or finally start your own business?
  • To write your book or share your story with the world?
  • To attract your dream partner or improve your current relationships?
  • To feel great in your body and truly love yourself?
  • To feel fully supported by your inner voice, your loved ones and the universe?

Can you already see how light your body feels?  That flutter in your chest?

Do you feel a tingling sensation down your spine? 

The thrill in your bones? 

That’s what it’ll feel like after these 8 magical weeks of the most transformational journey ever – ‘JOURNEY TO THE SELF’

And that right there is FREEDOM ya know…

Freedom from everything that’s occupying your mind right now… 

After embarking on this self-healing journey so many of my past clients have gotten promotions, entered into their dream relationships, improved their health, and some are even writing & publishing their books and running businesses!

How would it feel to be in their place?

Don’t believe me? See for yourself

Here’s how it works…

Immediately after ordering, you’ll get access to Week 1 of the ‘Journey To The Self’ program in your private Member’s Area — followed by the remaining modules every 7 days thereafter for 8 weeks where every week I’ll guide you through a brand new module and ask you to work on a key aspect of your life
I’ll jump on a LIVE 60-minutes bi-weekly interactive zoom call every 2 weeks where I’ll answer any questions you have and give live real-time feedback on your inner-work progress1 meditation each week for the upcoming 8 weeks which is in relation to the weekly modules to help you look inwards and heal from within
8 weeks of live & continuous Voxer messenger support to help you get unstuck and implement all the modules effectively in your life
The ‘Journey To The Self’ is for you if…

✅ You want to awaken your sense of purpose, actualize your truest potential and live a fulfilling life 

✅ You want to feel thrilled and exhilarated about your future living life with the enthusiasm of a kid on his birthday

✅ You want to get out of your head and get inside your heart to dig deeper and weed out the negative blocks that are holding you hostage from going out there and crushing it

✅ You want to set unwavering, non-negotiable healthy boundaries that make you feel good — to deepen your relationships with yourself and others

✅ You want to be a part of a safe, nurturing, and loving community that will hold space for you and remind you that you truly do belong

The ‘Journey To The Self’ is not for you if… 

❌ You want to continue experiencing the feeling of being lost, self-remorse & victimhood

❌ You want to continue living life on auto-pilot with no purpose

❌ You want to continue having same conversations in your head over and over again blaming and second-guessing yourself and literally walking on eggshells all the time

❌ You want to continue feeling used, dismissed, and gaslighted by others – particularly by the people you love

❌ You want to continue feeling that familiar emptiness in your chest and the feeling of not being enough 


I had an idea for a digital program for my business but was facing some inner blocks around putting it out there. I didn’t feel confident in promoting myself, even though I knew I had the skills and experience and an amazing program. After Deann’s ‘Journey To The Self’ program, I was able to put my program together and a brand new client before it was even LIVE

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is what ‘Journey To The Self’ is ACTUALLY worth to you…
  • Freedom from resorting to drugs and wasting $$ on heavy medications for anxiety & depression that are full of long term side-effects
  • Discovering your own healing powers so you don’t have to go through expensive therapy sessions if you don’t want to– just to get out of your head
  • Permanently getting rid of that feeling of ‘feeling crap’ inside all the time even after having everything at your disposal

According to the American naturalist & leading transcendentalist- Henry David Thoreau, “Wealth is nothing but the ability to fully experience life” and this program teaches you not just to live life fully but to thrive exponentially

Ahh! What wouldn’t the 20-year-old Deann give to have what this program offers…


✔️ 8 x Weekly Modules of 1:1 Coaching ($699 Value)

✔️ 8 x Recordings of healing meditations especially curated for you and your need by Deann ($499Value)

✔️ 4 x Bi-weekly 1:1 Coaching & Q&A Calls with Deann ($799 Value)

✔️ Lifetime access to all program modules, recordings and workbooks

✔️ Special continuous Voxer messenger support for in-between calls 


$555 in powerful tools, meditations and healing sessions to skyrocket and fast-track your ‘JOURNEY TO THE SELF’ (FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY)


According to research studies, Hypnotherapy has a 93% success rate with fewer sessions than both behavioral and psychotherapy.

What does a Hypnotherapy session look like?

During a Hypnotherapy session, you will be guided through a process to induce a trance-like state that helps you focus your mind and utilizes the heightened awareness of the hypnotic state to help you focus on a problem more deeply.

You will be offered 2 FREE Hypnotherapy sessions throughout the program:

Week 3: 


  • Stop feeling like you’re at war with yourself all the time
  • Get to know yourself much more deeply than before
  • Make friends with parts of yourself you have not really understood until now

Week 5: 


  • Stop the emotional outburst episodes that you later regret
  • Get in the habit of a restful night’s sleep daily without tossing and turning and going through made-up scenarios in your head
  • Take better care of your body to get rid of different health problems such as high blood pressure, chronic illness, or GI that are often a result of physical and emotional wounds from the past

Includes 5 mini-courses- (This special BONUS will be unlocked after the completion of the program)

1. Breathing into Consciousness: 6 video training and bonus handouts on how to use breathwork to change your state and give yourself what you need through the breath (calm down, get energized, cool down, etc.) – ($24 value) 

2. Healing the Inner Child Meditation Series: A series of 8 meditations to heal your inner child plus bonus affirmations – ($48 value)

3. Meditate to Achieve: 90-minute Meditation Class: Learn a simple, powerful, and fail-proof way to meditate effectively in a short time. 90-minute meditation class plus recorded practice meditations – ($111 value)

4. Meditations to Calm Your Mind: A bundle of 6 meditations to calm your mind and relieve anxiety – ($29 value)

5. Meditations for Forgiveness & Letting Go: A bundle of 4 meditations to help you release, let go, and forgive – ($19 value)


What the heck do I mean by a Reiki Attunement session?

It simply means sharing energy between two people, totally in sync, to promote well-being.

In this spiritual ceremony, I will be using energy and signs in a given manner to attune you to three different symbols, each representing a different aspect of reiki energy: power, mental/emotional balance and distance healing. 

My clients have undergone intense periods of self-growth and healing even after just a single session of Reiki attunement


$1997 + $555 worth of FREE exciting BONUSES 


$1997  $647 + $555 worth of FREE exciting BONUSES

IT’S A STEAL (Literally)


Ashley is part of an MLM business and sells an amazing product she is very passionate about. She was facing anxiety around promoting and talking about her business. Anytime anyone would ask her about it, she would shut down and she hadn’t posted about it in months. After one on one coaching and hypnotherapy, she is posting, promoting, and talking openly about her business and has increased her sales.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Because YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for…”

Deann Jensen, Inner Work Coach

Nothing happens without a fair reason and divine timing…

I started my spiritual and self-healing journey in 2007 when I was 20. 

I was feeling like a victim of life after my sexual abuse, suffering from childhood trauma, and being diagnosed with anxiety, ADHD, depression, and addiction to drugs…

But here’s how I feel about it now…

I had to go through the most traumatic period of my life so that I could find my bigger purpose which was to become a guiding light for those who are currently going through similar stuff in life

I invested countless hours and $$$ into finding answers and solutions to my feelings and emotions of anxiety and unworthiness…

I completed my Bachelor’s in Educational Psychology, learned meditation and the path of Yoga, and completed my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

I also invested in coaching and courses and became certified as a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and Meditation Teacher.

And this program is the result of all of my learnings and mind-blowing insights that I gained throughout these 15 years of my life

It has everything that you need to gain clarity, get unstuck, reclaim your power and reconcile with your most authentic self — in the form of LIVE coaching sessions, easily implementable weekly modules, meditations to nurture your inner child, Reiki & Hypnotherapy sessions to completely transform your way of thinking and living

My clients say that I’m incredibly good at facilitating deep inner healing work and helping people find their power to self heal and flourish in both life and business…

And I truly want that for you from the deepest corners of my heart.



This is not a group thing and instead an extremely personalized program where I work with you 1:1 and each one of you who signs up for ‘JOURNEY TO THE SELF’ gets my undivided attention 

Therefore, unfortunately, I can only accommodate so many of you in my calendar for the next 8 weeks

And hence the reason for this huge never-seen-before LIMITED PERIOD DISCOUNT of $1350 on the regular program price 

Once all the spots are filled you will have to pay the regular price of $1997 in order to be part of this life-changing experience.

So all I ask from you is to LISTEN to your inner voice and TRUST your intuition and TAKE THE LEAP, I promise It’s gonna be so damn worth it.

But how can I be so confident that this program will work for you?


When you combine my unique teaching style with the way this program has been designed…

The only thing you will need to SUCCEED in this program is to believe in your ability to heal yourself, to show up, actively participate in the program and use these superpowers to ‘truly’ – LIVE LIFE QUEEN SIZE

And then?

FEEL the magic happen…

Because one thing that I can GUARANTEE you is that – IT WILL HAPPEN.

Do we have a deal?


  • Save $1350 when you pay in full today! (BEST VALUE)
  • Pay just $323.5 today! Then one more monthly payment of $323.5
  • Pay just $80.87 today! Then one more monthly payment of $80.87

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I trust you (Deann) and not any other life coach to help me overcome my current situation? What makes this program better than the other programs?

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should trust me~

  • Given my academic background in clinical mental health counseling & educational psychology, I have a unique way of teaching which is a perfect blend of the spiritual and the scientific aspects of healing & meditation thereby backing what some may think is just woo-woo stuff with scientific explanations
  • Unlike others, I don’t just force you to take action – rather, I work on your inner blocks and self-limiting beliefs as well.
  • While working with you 1:1, I also incorporate my expertise in Reiki (energy healing) and Transformational hypnotherapy (a mind optimization science that completely transforms a person’s way of thinking and living).
  • As opposed to other coaches who offer one-size-fits-all solutions, I rather believe in tailored coaching sessions and action points based on what you need the most at present.
  • While others may not understand what the fancy terms ‘childhood trauma,’ ‘toxic relationships,’ and ‘narcissistic abuse’ REALLY FEEL like, I’ve experienced them firsthand and so I share what has worked for me based on my own experience instead of preaching without having a true understanding your pain.

2. What is the cost? Do you offer payment plans? 

‘Journey to the Self’ 8-Week coaching program is regularly priced at $1997 but for the time period of this launch, you can get it at a 67% discounted price of $647. You can pay this amount in full or get on a monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly payment plan.

3. How much time do I need to complete the modules? 

I recommend planning for about an hour a week for the modules and meditations and an hour and a half for the two weeks with hypnosis sessions. It may vary depending on how much time you have and how much time you want to spend on the modules. You may want to spend more time on some weeks than others. Most of the work can be implemented in your daily life and many of the tools and processes you will learn you will be able to save and go back to and repeat when you need them.

4. What if I need to take a break or leave the program? 

I understand that life happens, and that healing work can sometimes need more integration time. If you need to take a break, all I ask is that you keep open communication with me. If you need to leave the program, I also understand. There is no contract that you must complete the program, however, no refunds will be given for funds already paid.

STOP lying to your intuition, it’s TIME to come HOME to yourself


  • Save $1350 when you pay in full today! (BEST VALUE)
  • Pay just $323.5 today! Then one more monthly payment of $323.5
  • Pay just $80.87 today! Then one more monthly payment of $80.87

All rights reserved. © 2022 Deann Rae Jensen & Jensen Healing, LLC

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