The Limited Playlist: A Sensitivity to Music & Using Music In Healing

We can all probably think of some songs that bring up strong emotions or memories.

Did you know one sign of trauma that effects some people on a deep level is sensitivity to music? And sometimes even an avoidance of it?

That was me.

I had a short playlist of songs that were “safe”me to listen to. Listening to the radio meant the possibility of breaking down and crying.

I broke down in tears at restaurants, at stores, restaurants, in the car with someone. It was a chance every time I went out.


It’s because of the emotional trigger.

It could be that it was your ex’s favorite song or simply a note or a lyric strikes a cord that triggers a memory, or an emotional response. It happens to everyone, some are just more sensitive.

I grew up singing so this sucked, but for years I protected myself and kept my playlist limited.


I woke up today and listened to music. I listened to Queen and David Bowie and it lifted my spirits. I play percussion for fun and years ago I started singing again. I do a lot of channeled, free singing as well. I just sing notes and sounds however feels good.

I’m not a musician and it’s okay if you aren’t either. We should all still sing our song, play along, and let the notes be heard.

The frequency of music is felt on multiple dimensions. It’s a way to communicate with Spirit.

Where to start:

If you’ve ever felt like maybe you’re weird for not being able to enjoy music as much as others, you’re not. You’re completely normal. It could be a sign of trauma and that’s okay too.

Here are some tips on where to start the healing process so you can enjoy music again:

1. In a safe container or place, listen to the songs that make you feel.

2. Listen to and sing or dance to those songs that light you up too!

3 Try channeled singing (see above) or other forms of music therapy.


Deann Rae Jensen

Overcome your inner blocks to become empowered in life!

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