Healing Anxiety: An Early Break in the Mother/Child Bond

Healing Anxiety in Business: An Early Break in the Mother/Child Bond

Do you have traumatic events in your childhood, teenage years, a past life or family history that have been undealt with?

We may think that time heals all wounds, but unprocessed emotions will pop up in sometimes sneaky ways and it hard to know where they are coming from and they will keep popping up until we deal with them.

Healing Anxiety & Depression

I’ve been on my healing journey for a long time. I’ve been on it since the day I was born. I’ve never truly felt safe or supported here on Earth in my body. I love the Earth and all it’s creatures, but it was a feeling I just couldn’t ignore.  I consciously decided to start healing when I was 20 years old. I was tired of feeling anxious, I was tired of being depressed, and I was tired of trying to put band aids on these things with medications, self-medicating, sex, and alcohol. I knew there was a better way, there had to be. That’s when I was introduced to yoga, meditation, energy healing and a world where I felt like I was home. I had returned home and the feeling of being unsafe started to go away.

A New Adventure

Then, in 2018, I remember when to started to get the calls to start my coaching business. It felt like the answer, to be able to have a career that was totally aligned with my desired lifestyle and one where I could teach and help others in way that was aligned with my values. I desired to live a life with more freedom, a life in alignment with my soul.

In many ways, this was the answer to a huge problem I had feeling totally out of place in the working world. It was also the path to even deeper healing for me. I have always been in love with what I do, but putting myself out there in the world with my business was new territory that I had never tread across. I could feel my feelings of feeling unsafe in this world come up on a whole new level.

I remembered how I had healed my anxiety before and a huge piece was looking at my family and childhood trauma. I went back there with a different perspective. It became clear to me where I needed to heal. Through subconscious healing work around this in hypnosis, a memory came up.

Healing with Hypnosis

When I was born, I was choking on fluid from my mother’s womb. I almost died, but because of modern technology and medicine, I was able to get the help I needed to make it into this world and live. I was immediately rushed to another hospital and taken from my mother in order to survive. I had to stay in the hospital for weeks. This early break of the bond with my mother effected my ability to feel secure. It even effected my ability to feel financially vital and supported. It happened at such a young age that I didn’t have the memory to recall upon in my conscious mind. It was just a bunch of feelings and emotions that where hard to identify where they were coming from.

I knew I had found the root because when I went back there in hypnosis, I cried deeply. I held that precious little baby and I held myself. I let her know that I would never leave her alone and that she is safe and supported. “I’m so sorry little one, you are safe, you are held, you are loved, protected and guided.”

I went back to my moment of birth and watched it from a new perspective, what I call the “bird’s eye view.” I saw and felt details that I could not consciously remember. There was some physical pain that needed to be releases, I could physically feel the tube that went down my throat to help me breathe and felt a pain in the side of my belly. Then, I saw that I was loved and I was held. I was prayed for and I had angels by my side. I could feel them and see them, holding me. I knew I would make it through and they were assuring me. Someone even let me hold their finger on the helicopter ride.

I saw how truly support I was in those moments. I know now that I am here for a reason, I have work to do and I intend to do it.  I feel both safe and supported. I was a miracle. I was a pure, innocent, magical baby. The truth is, we are all miracles. We are all pure, innocent, magical babies that grew up.

Unresolved traumatic events in our lives and families can hinder how success flows to us and how we receive it.

When books, programs, coaches have been unhelpful, when prescribed plans and strategies such as developing effective habits, expanding your social network, visualizing your future success, and repeating money affirmations that are supposed to help you prosper have never seem to help you achieve your goals no matter what you do of which plan you follow, then the key may be in hidden unresolved trauma from this lifetime, a past lifetime, or in our family history.


Deann Rae Jensen

If you are finding yourself stuck in a pattern of anxiety, overwhelm, or unhelpful emotions that stop you from taking action on your goals and desires…It’s time to resolve once and for all by identifying and releasing the root! 🌱 This is why hypnotherapy is so powerful, it allows us to do the work!

Inquire to Book Your Hypnotherapy Session with Deann!

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